About Us

ILAMA plays a significant role in the international maritime and offshore oil and gas safety scene.  By sharing its members’ views, experience and technical papers, ILAMA ensures that Regulatory Bodies including the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are made aware of collective concerns.

ILAMA members design, manufacture, inspect, repair, service and test a wide variety of certified life-saving equipment, meeting the appropriate national and international requirements.  The continuous development of products which enhance safety at sea relies on ILAMA members maintaining contact with regulatory and standardisation bodies in order that proposals and changing requirements have industry and  practical relevance.

What does ILAMA do for its members;

  • monitors standards  applicable to members’ activities for mutual benefit,
  • provides a forum for discussion of safety issues arising out of the wide-ranging surveillance carried out by its members and
  • lobbies for action by appropriate authorities.

What can ILAMA do for you?

  • We can represent your views at IMO and other international bodies,
  • provide a forum for discussion and advice on topics of interest to the life-saving appliance industry, and
  • keep you abreast of forthcoming changes in legislation and standards.

How does ILAMA achieve this?

  • As an NGO (non-governmental organisation) ILAMA holds Observer and Consultative status at IMO and is able to comment on forthcoming legislation and present technical papers on topics of concern. Through its relationship with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and Marine Directorate at the European Commission, ILAMA participates in the primary discussion processes formulating new and revised European regulations.
  • ILAMA also holds ‘Category A’ liaison with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) which promotes mutual benefits for each party: it enables the closest possible familiarity with the generation and maintenance of standards relevant to our industry and provides direct communication with ILAMA’s sources of expertise.
  • ILAMA has Observer Status to attend and participate in both the EMSA MED Experts Group and MarED. This means that ILAMA is able to directly participate and contribute to the working of these influential bodies in a globally recognized market.
  • ILAMA members sit on various internationally recognised committees to assist in generating and  improving international standards for life-saving appliances.